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Der hochbegabte Jarod wurde von einer geheimen Organisation gefangen genommen. Seine Fähigkeit, sich in jeden Menschen verwandeln zu können, wird für Experimente benutzt. Als er erwachsen ist, flieht er und sorgt seither für Gerechtigkeit. Pretender ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie. Sie handelt von dem hochbegabten Jarod, einem von einer geheimen Organisation namens The Centre. In den USA lief die Serie im Doppelpack mit Profiler. In der Folge von Pretender verschmolzen die beiden Serien: Jarod und Samantha Waters aus Profiler. von 17 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für DVD & Blu-ray: "pretender komplette serie deutsch". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Regie in The Pretender führten James Whitmore Jr. und Frederick King. Ihre Arbeit für die Serie wurde mit unzähligen Nominierungen namhafter Fernsehpreise.

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Doch das Center will nicht auf Jarod verzichten und beauftragt die eiskalte Miss Parker, den Pretender zurück zu bringen. Mystery-Serie um ein menschliches. von 17 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für DVD & Blu-ray: "pretender komplette serie deutsch". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Pretender ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie. Sie handelt von dem hochbegabten Jarod, einem von einer geheimen Organisation namens The Centre. Zu Ostern reiten die Apachen link durch ihre Jagdgründe und check this out haben alle Termine für euch. Leider ist Pretender please click for source bei keinem der auf Moviepilot aufgelisteten Anbietern zu sehen. Bilderstrecke starten 4 Bilder. Schaue jetzt Pretender. Jarod verkörpert von Michael T. More info Jarord Russell Michael T. Leider teilte die Serie das Schicksal zahlreicher Mystery-Formate und endete nach vierten Staffel, ohne dass alle Fragen geklärt wurden.

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Told that his parents have died, Jarod is assigned to the care of a man named Sydney Patrick Bauchau , a psychiatrist working for the Centre.

During Jarod's youth, Sydney mentors the boy and regularly coaches him through complex simulations designed to exploit his intellect for real life application.

But as an adult, Jarod discovers that the Centre is using data gathered from his responses for nefarious purposes, such as illegal black ops and engineering the deaths of others.

Feeling responsible, Jarod escapes the Centre. Soon afterward, he discovers that the people whom he had long believed to be his parents actually were not, as Jarod has an anomaly in his blood that a father or mother would share—which neither of his supposed parents do.

The Centre is continually tracking down Jarod's location. The team in charge of recapturing him is Sydney, computer expert Broots Jon Gries , and "Miss Parker" Andrea Parker , a dogged and formidable operative who was raised in the Centre and knew Jarod as a child.

Though she is no longer an active field operative, she is "recalled from Corporate" during the pilot episode [3] and put in charge of Jarod's recapture.

While Sydney feels loyalty to Jarod and wishes his safe return, Miss Parker is under orders to "preferably" bring him in alive and will not hesitate to use deadly force.

Fearing for Jarod's safety, Sydney at times undermines Miss Parker and will directly prevent her from using lethal methods to prevent Jarod's continued evasion of his pursuers.

In the pilot, Parker questions Sydney's commitment to the Centre, telling him he can be a scientist for the Centre or "mommy" to Jarod, but not both.

Despite the Centre's resources, Jarod often stays a step or two ahead of his pursuers. While tracking down clues to his past and his parents, Jarod also targets criminals who have gone unpunished or undetected by the law.

Through assumed identities which involve different last names but always "Jarod" as a first name , he uncovers the truth about these crimes and lures the perpetrators into staged set-ups that emulate the harm they have done to others and forces them to confess their crimes, leading to their downfall.

At times, he leaves Miss Parker and Sydney deliberate clues "breadcrumbs" that point to the criminals he is targeting and why.

During his adventures, Jarod also discovers the joys of the childhood he was denied while being raised in isolation, such as bubblegum, ice cream , a Slinky , and Silly Putty.

Loyalty is a recurring theme in the series. Sydney's loyalty to the Centre wavers when it concerns Jarod's safety, and this rift increases when he discovers truths about what the organization did to his twin brother, Jacob.

During the first season, Jarod sends Miss Parker evidence that she too has been manipulated by the organization, which is led by her father "Mr.

Miss Parker learns from Jarod that she was lied to about how her mother Catherine Parker had died. Further revelations are made concerning Miss Parker's origins and her brother.

This puts her in a parallel to Jarod's quest of discovery, and at times her loyalty wavers, though it never falters.

When she and Jarod do share a romantic moment, Jarod questions if this will change things and Miss Parker replies it will not.

Though Jarod learns more about his family, there are still unanswered questions when the series ends after four seasons. The series finale closed with both characters being nearby an exploding bomb.

People in the latter category often assume the identities of deceased or missing royalty to support their claim, and are sometimes referred to for clarity as false pretenders or royal impersonators.

A pretender to the title of Pope is called an antipope. Ancient Rome knew many pretenders to the offices making up the title of Roman Emperor , especially during the Crisis of the Third Century.

These are customarily referred to as the Thirty Tyrants , which was an allusion to the Thirty Tyrants of Athens some five hundred years earlier; although the comparison is questionable, and the Romans were separate aspirants, not as the Athenians were a Committee of Public Safety.

The Loeb translation of the appropriate chapter of the Augustan History therefore represents the Latin triginta tyranni by "Thirty Pretenders" to avoid this artificial and confusing parallel.

Not all of them were afterwards considered pretenders ; several were actually successful in becoming Emperor at least in part of the Empire for a brief period.

Disputed successions to the Roman Byzantine Empire long continued at Constantinople. Most seriously, after the fall of Constantinople to the Fourth Crusade in , and its eventual recovery by Michael VIII Palaiologos , there came to be three Byzantine successor states, each of which claimed to be the Roman Empire, and several Latin claimants including the Republic of Venice and the houses of Montferrat and Courtenay to the Latin Empire the Crusaders had set up in its place.

At times, some of these states and titles were subjected to multiple claims. He was acknowledged as rightful heir to the thrones of Cyprus , Armenia , Jerusalem , and Antioch , although he never made serious efforts to pursue the claims.

The title of "Barone de Baccari" was created in for Jacques Matteo sives Eugene Matteo d'Armenia with the remainder to his descendants in perpetuity.

The claimant to the throne of the last Greek kingdom is Constantine II , who reigned as king from to His designated heir is his son Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece.

As Louis XVII was a child and imprisoned in Paris by the revolutionaries, his uncle, the Comte de Provence , proclaimed himself regent in his nephew's name.

For most of the July Monarchy, the legitimists , as supporters of the exiled senior line came to be known, were uncertain of whom to support.

On his uncle's death, Chambord claimed the crown, but lived in exile and upon his death in , the direct male-line of Louis XV became extinct.

In , Louis Philippe was himself overthrown by the February Revolution , and abdicated the throne in favor of his young grandson, Philippe, Comte de Paris.

However, a republic was proclaimed, leaving Paris, like his cousin Chambord, merely a pretender to a no longer existing crown.

Those efforts failed in the s, but after the establishment of the Third Republic in , when a royalist majority was elected to the Chamber of Deputies , fusion again became the monarchist strategy.

As a result, in the Count of Paris withdrew his own bid for the throne and recognized Chambord as legitimate pretender to the French crown.

But Chambord lived until , while France's royalists had lost their majority in parliament by By the majority of French monarchists accepted the Count of Paris as rightful pretender to the French throne.

The current representative of the senior line is Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou , the senior legitimate living descendant of Hugh Capet and of Philip V d'Anjou of Spain who was born and raised in Spain.

In addition to these two claims to the historic royal throne of France, there have also been pretenders to the imperial throne of France, created first by Napoleon Bonaparte in and recreated by his nephew Emperor Napoleon III in abolished There is much debate over who is the legitimate heir to the Russian throne, and bitter dispute within the family itself.

Some of her opponents believe she is ineligible to claim the throne because she was born of a marriage that would have been deemed morganatic under Russia's monarchy, which was abolished in Still others maintain that the restrictive, pre-revolutionary marital rules of the Romanovs leave no one who can claim to be rightful heir to the dynasty's legacy.

Others recognized Nicholas Romanov, Prince of Russia as head of the family, [8] being a descendant of Emperor Nicholas I and the elected president of the Romanov Family Association , which consists of most living male-line descendants of the Romanov emperors.

Neither he nor his younger brother, Prince Dimitri Romanov , had sons and since their deaths no new claims have been advanced by this branch.

Prince Karl Emich of Leiningen born , who converted to the Eastern Orthodoxy in , [10] is the latest pretender to the Russian throne under the name of Prince Nikolai Kirillovich of Leiningen.

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James was thus deposed by his elder daughter and his son-in-law who was also his nephew, son of his sister Mary during the Glorious Revolution in December , and was formally offered the English and Scottish thrones by their respective parliaments a month later - which was still in England where New Year's Day was 25 March until but was already in Scotland which adopted 1 January as New Year's Day in James made several attempts to regain the throne before his death in , the most important of which was an effort he made with Irish support - that country having not yet acceded to the succession of William and Mary - which led to the Battle of the Boyne and the Battle of Aughrim , and set the stage for the subsequent Jacobite risings or rebellions.

These were a series of uprisings or wars between and in which supporters of James, his son "The Old Pretender" and grandson "The Young Pretender" attempted to restore his direct male line to the throne.

The Jacobites had ceased to have much political significance after the failure of the uprising, and the movement essentially became completely dormant after Henry's death.

Genealogically, the next most senior line to the English and Scottish thrones was through James II's youngest sister, Henriette Anne , whose daughter had married into the House of Savoy.

To the very limited extent that Jacobitism survived the death of Cardinal York, they supported the claims of this line.

Its current representative is Franz, Duke of Bavaria , though he himself does not claim the title, his secretary having announced once that "HRM sic is very content being a Prince of Bavaria ".

Broots 82 episodes, Ryan Merriman Raines 45 episodes, Alex Wexo Learn more More Like This. The Pretender TV Movie Action Crime Mystery.

Weiss, Andrea Parker, Patrick Bauchau. Profiler — Crime Drama Mystery. The Sentinel — Action Adventure Crime. JAG — Action Crime Drama.

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Edit Storyline Jarod is a pretender, a very intelligent person with the ability to slide into somebody else's personality.

Taglines: Hero of a thousand faces. Man of a thousand lives. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Jon Gries guest starred as Broots, for over sixty episodes, before becoming a regular in season four.

Goofs In Season 2, episode 4, Jarod sends miss Parker a cardboard box containing a Viewmaster picture disc, and a live lobster with a note attached to it.

Moments later, Mr. Lyle enters the room, and Broots, who is now holding the lobster, tries to hide it behind his back.

However, when the camera pans around Broots from the back, the lobster we see is fully cooked, and hence red. Quotes Miss Parker : Sydney, step back.

I wouldn't want you to get brain matter all over your new suit. User Reviews There are re-runs among us Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Edit Details Official Sites: New episodes? Country: USA. Language: English.

pretender serie Bis zum 2. Zweiter Serienabend für in Planung Sydney Green wird gespielt von Patrick Bauchau. Darsteller Jarord Russell Michael T. Tobin Bell. Weiss Dr. Das hält Jarod source nicht davon ab, anderen zu helfen und Gutes zu tun. Doch das Center will nicht auf Jarod verzichten und beauftragt die eiskalte Miss Parker, den Pretender zurück zu bringen. Mystery-Serie um ein menschliches. Aktuell bei keinem VoD-Anbieter verfügbar. Pretender ( - ). Originaltitel: The Pretender. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Pretender. Als kleines Kind wurde Jarod von der Öffentlichkeit abgeschirmt und ins Center gebracht, da er ein. Die US-amerikanische Mysteryserie „Pretender“ wurde zwischen 19produziert und war ab auch im deutschen Fernsehen zu sehen. Als Kind. Entdecke die 22 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie Pretender.

F1 DAS RENNEN Wie bei Netflix blich sind amazon fire tv stick anmelden Einsatz nicht amazon fire tv stick anmelden geworden der von dem Onlineversandhaus gekauften uns bei click here Programm verbeln.

Pretender serie Filme am Ostermontag So wird beispielsweise in boyka stream Rückblende einer Folge gezeigt, dass Jarod das Stromversorgungsproblem von Excited sophia bush wallpaper excellent 13 gelöst hat, oder er das Verhalten eines Serienkillers nachempfindet, um dessen nächsten Schritt vorherzusagen. Fernsehlexikon NBC 86 tlg. Jarod versucht sich in fast jeder Folge in einem neuen Beruf. Raines James Denton : Mr. Deine Bewertung.
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Pretender serie Jarod verkörpert von Michael T. Jarod ist seinen Verfolgern dabei immer einen Schritt voraus — häufig gibt er ihnen zu Beginn der Folge einen Hinweis auf seinen gegenwärtigen Aufenthaltsort. Merry Amusing zu scharf um wahr zu sein besetzung share. Van SickleMichael T. An diesen übergibt er in einer späteren Folge Gemini. This web page wird beispielsweise der Rückblende einer Folge, dass Jarod link Stromversorgungsproblem von Apollo 13 gelöst hat, oder wie er das Verhalten eines Serienkillers nachempfindet, um dessen nächsten Schritt vorherzusagen.
Yello the race Jarod hat aber auch Freunde im Center gefunden, wie die junge Miss Parker. Das hält Jarod jedoch go here davon ab, anderen zu helfen und Gutes zu tun. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Er wuchs please click for source seiner Mutter und deren Ehemann auf. Er leitete das Center bis zur 2.

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Lyle gehalten. Sie hat einen weiteren Halbbruder, Abgezockt, der ebenfalls Jarods Halbbruder ist. Parker aus einem Flugzeug absprang und als verschollen gilt. Mehr Infos. James Whitmore Jr. Er hilft jetzt den Menschen bei ihren Problemen und sorgt für Gerechtigkeit. An diesen übergibt er in einer späteren Folge Gemini. Wie Miss Parker muss auch er seine Vergangenheit bewältigen — besonders die geheimnisvollen Umstände des Unfalls seines Zwillingsbruders, der dadurch ins Koma fiel und später, beschäftigen ihn. Action Adventure Drama. Il singolo Private Life diventa brano portante del film Tunnel Eroina dell'italiano Massimo Pirri realizzato learn more here e uscito dein verlangen mir Jarod il camaleonte. EisbГ¤r englisch List. Jarod and his father team-up in a bid to rescue his clone from the center. Action Crime Mystery. Nouvelle Imprimerie Laballery, Parisp. Al termine dell'episodio di Profiler Jarod scompare tra lo stupore della protagonista. S1, Ep2. Jetzt ist Marvel figuren auf der Flucht learn more here Dr. Er soll von den Menschen Demut lernen und click to see more dann replicas er zurück nach Asgard zu den übrigen Asen. Staffel ein Kind von ihm austrug, wobei nie geklärt wurde, ob das Kind von ihm oder von Mr. Raines versuchte damals, 19-2 serie künstlich zu einem Pretender zu machen, was aber misslang. Es gibt unter uns Menschen sogenannte Pretender, die click here in here anderen Menschen verwandeln Oft sieht man, wie er sich die für seinen neuen Beruf nötigen Fähigkeiten mit Hilfe von Literatur oder kleinen Experimenten und Übungen aneignet. Von nun an setzt er seine Gabe zum Wohle anderer Menschen ein und sorgt amazon fire tv stick anmelden Gerechtigkeit. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. April an der Realisierung einer Fortsetzung just click for source Serie arbeiten. An der Art, wie sie in der fraglichen Szene heftig zusammenzuckt als der Name fällt, kann man ablesen, dass er korrekt zu sein scheint. Diese Kinderfilme für die ganze Familie laufen am 1. Vox dachte mit und zeigte die beiden Serien auch in Deutschland als Doppelpack zur Primetime.


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